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12 Times When Trump Googles’ Livetweet Of The Debate Was The Best Thing To Happen In Modern Politics

Firstly, let me start by saying that the @trump_googles Twitter account is not only hilarious, but probably the most underrated twitter account on the planet today and possibly ever. Believe me. Tremendous. Let me tell you. Believe me. Believe me… Kidding aside; @trump_googles apparently spits out the Red Team Nominee’s Google search history, and let me tell you. This is just tremendous. It is so great. The best. They have the best words. Believe me. Many of the fake searches are not only pure gold, but the account provides one of the most entertaining (and at times insightful) sources of political commentary available today. Just to get you started, I’ve laid out 12 things that Trump apparently Googled before, during, and after Monday night’s trainwreck of a debate. These tweets. They’re tremendous. Wonderful. Let me tell you. Believe me. Take a look:

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5. In response to Clinton’s rebuke of his well-known business practice of stiffing his workers...

@trump_googles / Via Twitter: @trump_googles

9. After Clinton gave an exhaustive and politically correct answer to a difficult question posed to both candidates about race-relations...

@trump_googles / Via Twitter: @trump_googles

12. As the debate was wrapping up, and he remained on the stage looking tired, bewildered, and somewhat defeated...

@trump_googles / Via Twitter: @trump_googles

There ya have it folks. Tremendous.

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