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    • nspyraishn

      135 EODE international observers from 23 countries confirmed that, among other things: “In spite of tight period of time the referendums were held on proper organizational level. Citizens who have the right to participate in the referendums caused to be informed in proper time about the places of voting and referendum hours, referendums questions and the other key information. The international standards were full reflected in the established legal referendum procedure, including the right for freedom of voting, equality of voters, secret of voting, open and transparent nature of the referendums, public and international monitoring the way of holding the referendums and counting votes. There is no discrimination or limited right for participating in the referendums or inequality of citizens in this procedure. The referendums ballots were publicly confirmed by representative bodies of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol and made public in due time. Citizens and civil society had an opportunity to discuss in free manner the referendum`s questions, to stand for and against different options of voting.  Voting process was held in free manner, the voters were not forced to participate in or ignore the referendum, or to vote for concrete option. Freedom of speech and thought were guaranteed. Personal will of voters was not controlled by the Commission. Referendum administration kept the secret of voting and took all necessary measures for respecting it by the all participants of the referendum. Equal rights of participants of a referendum were provided during a voting process. According to the approved rules each of them possessed only one voice, and the voice of each of participants of a referendum was equivalent to the other voice. Representative and executive branches of power, local governments and their officials rendered necessary assistance to the election commissions to implement their functions, cooperating with them on the basis of principle of commission`s independence, non-interference to their activity on the vote process organization. Questions of the referendums were clear to participants, didn’t allow varied interpretation and covered a legal essence of proposed solutions. Participants of the referendums were provided with opportunity to read and understand questions in languages of the main ethnic communities of the Republic of Crimea. It is worth mentioning authenticity of the different language versions of questions contained in the approved the referendums ballots. This fact was confirmed by competent experts and participants of vote. Location of the electoral centers which were easily available to the citizens and electoral registers corresponded to a population distribution of the Republic of Crimea. Day of rest appointed for carrying out vote gave the possibility to citizens to be in charge of their time to participate in the referendums.”  http://www.eode.org/eode-press-office-referendums-in-the-republic-of-crimea-and-sevastopol-joint-statement-by-the-independent-international-observers The arguments made by this so-called libertarian group against Crimean secession are grossly misconceived.

    • nspyraishn

      “Make no mistake about it, Crimea was annexed by Russian military force at gunpoint and its supposedly democratic “referendum” was a farce. Besides a suspiciously high voter turnout with legitimate international observers, the referendum gave Crimeans only two choices — join Russia now or later.” 1. I won’t “make the mistake” of drawing conclusions based on *assumptions*. Unless you can show some kind of evidence of Russian troops influencing the vote, this claim that Russia “forced” Crimeans to vote in favor of secession is nothing more than an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory. 2. The two choices were: Choice 1: Do you support the reunification of Crimea with Russia with all the rights of the Russian federation?
      Choice 2: Do you support the restoration of the Constitution of the Republic of Crimea in 1992 and the status of the Crimea as part of Ukraine? So no Alexander McCobin, you’re a liar, and as much of a libertarian as Rand Paul or the Tea Party is.

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