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10 Delicious Japanese American Food Recipes That'll You'll Want To Cook Right Away

Keep your mouths closed for drool-prevention!

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Dango (Sata Andagi)

Bebe Love Okazu / Via

Let's start out with some dangos! A beloved staple of Obon festivals (a festival where deceased ancestors come back to the real world), these fluffy and sweet snacks are everyone's favorite.

They are formally known as Sata-Andagi, a type of Okinawan dessert. Traditional Japanese dangos are like mochi, more starchy and chewy, where as these are more like donuts.

Enjoy with some cinnamon and sugar!

Brownie Mochi

BitterSweet Hannah Kaminsky / Via

You're probably thinking, wait, isn't this just a brownie? But it's not! It looks like a brownie, but when you bite in, it has that wonderful chewiness of a mochi on the inside while having that slight crunch of a brownie on the outside. It's pure magic.

Inari Sushi

Cookpad / Via

Sometimes called "inari" and sometimes called "footballs," the fried tofu bag filled with rice is a favorite among Japanese and Japanese American families alike. Some people like to dress it up or put in different rice flavoring to change it up a bit.

Chili Rice

Humble Bean / Via

Another obon favorite, chili rice is a no-recipe needed dish that's loved among all age ranges. Just get some warm rice and pour some chili on top and voila! You've got yourself a nice bowl of chili rice. Add in some sausages, cheese, or onions to your needs and enjoy!

California Roll

Love Bakes Good Cakes / Via

From supermarkets to high-end restaurants, it seems like you can find these easy-to-make sushi rolls everywhere now. Loved among both raw-fish lovers and non-lovers, these rolls will satisfy all your hunger in a healthy way.

Butter Mochi

Pint Sized Baker / Via

Resembling the sweet, buttery goodness of a madeleine but again, having the mochi chewiness, butter mochis are so good, you won't believe it until you've had a taste. Also, as unhealthy as it sounds with the word "butter" slapped onto the name, it only uses about a stick! (That's about as much butter in a batch of cookies!)

Somen Salad

The Food Librarian / Via

Somen salad is a fun twist to somen, a thin wheat flour noodle mainly enjoyed cold during the summer, and usually plain with a dipping sauce. The ingredients are pretty flexible so have fun and add your own taste to it. Recipe here.

Spam Musubi

Instructables / Via

And last but not least, a favorite among favorites, spam musubi! Started in Hawaii, grilled spam wrapped in rice and seaweed has been one of the top, if not THE top, favorite snack Japanese American's have come to love.

What's your favorite Japanese American dish? Let me know in the comments!

(Please note that some of these dishes lean are a Japanese origin and not born in America. But they are still loved by many JA families and I just wanted to spread the love to all :) )

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