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The 10 Burning Questions You Have About BuzzFeed Community

Wait, BuzzFeed is more than just clickbait listicles?

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1. What is BuzzFeed Community?

Community is a section within BuzzFeed where editors can share posts written by users. Think of it as show and tell, except the editors get to choose what is shown and told.

Nontransparent eligibility criteria and unpredictable reward schedules lead to less gaming of the system than do predictable rewards. (Kraut and Resnick, p. 58)

2. That sounds shady. Who are these “editors”?

The BuzzFeed Community team is made up of seven members:

* Arielle Calderon, Director of Community

* Spencer Althouse, Community Manager

* Andrew Ziegler, Community Editor

* Brett S. Vergara, Associate Community Manager

* Jon-Michael Poff, Associate Community Editor

* Anna Kopsky, Associate Community Editor

* Chris Gera, Community Moderator

If they like your post, they can promote it on the Community page, making it visible to more BuzzFeeders. On the other hand, if they believe your article breaks Community Guidelines (tl;dr: don’t be that guy), they have the ability to remove it.

Moderation decided by people who are members of the community, who are impartial, and who have limited or rotating power is perceived as more legitimate and thus is more effective. (Kraut and Resnick, p. 134)

3. Do I get anything if my article is promoted?

Eternal glory. Also your article will be seen by more people. And have we mentioned Cat Power?

Combining contribution with social contact with other contributors causes members to contribute more. (Kraut and Resnick, p. 43)

4. Uh, what's Cat Power?

Everyone knows that cats run the Internet. The more featured articles you write, the more Cat Power you get. The more Cat Power you have, the more influence you have on the Community page. You can check out the top users and top posts on our leaderboard.

Rewards—whether in the form of status, privilege, or material benefits—motivate contributions. (Kraut and Resnick, p. 53)

5. Is there a specific way to write posts?

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide for your first post!

6. Can I make a quiz?

Sure! We’ve made a separate guide for quizzes.

7. Can I post on behalf of a company?

Well that depends. Check out our Brand Guidelines to see if your post qualifies.

8. What if I want to pay to advertise my post on BuzzFeed?

Well that’s a different story! Fill out our advertising form and a member from our team will get back to you.

9. Ok, I think I get it. But how do I submit a post?

After you create an account, you can start writing posts, and “suggesting” them to our Community editors. You can only submit 1 post a day to be featured.

Activity quotas allow people to participate in a community but prevent repetitive, spam-like activity.
(Kraut and Resnick, p. 43)

10. One last question… What should I write about?

Zodiacs as cheese?

Zodiacs as Shrek characters?

Zodiacs as Disney animals?

The possibilities are endless! If you need inspiration, check out what's currently trending in the Community.

11. *BONUS QUESTION* What would you change about BuzzFeed Community?

There are two bigs things I would change about how the BuzzFeed Community works.

The first is that I would include tags for posts that could then be searched for in the stream of featured posts. This would make it so users could filter through the 40 zodiac quizzes, in order to find the posts on topics that actually interest them.

The second is that I would allow all posts submitted to be viewed in the list of featured articles for 3 hours. This would give newcomers the sense that their work is actually being viewed by others, which in turn increases their motivation to continue to contribute.

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