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The Word "Quad" Is The Most College Thing Ever

Quad goals! Haha!

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There are some things that are just quintessentially "college." But the word "quad" takes the cake and eats it and then can't hold its liquor so then it throws up in the communal dorm bathroom!


It's all "Hey Connor, let's meet at the quad and walk over to lacrosse practice together and then have sex and then regret it and then try to work it out and then tell our friends that we're straight after all hahahaha"

Everyone in this picture is late for a cappella practice at the exact same time. And they next their ringleader or whatever the head a cappella person is called and they're like "I'm on the quad but I'll be there in 5!" because the quad is somehow only 5 minutes away from everything?

Enough already!

Harry's walking through the quad and he can't believe he didn't make Second Hand Jokes, the best improv team on campus. He calls his mom immediately after getting the news. "Why did I stay up to watch SNL for all those years?", Harry laments, "Why didn't I go to parties like all the other kids?" "Because no one invited you," his mom retorts. She was always making these kinds of comments.

When Brent walks onto this quad each morning he's all "haha dudes but for real for our senior prank we should somehow make something about this quad into a penis. haha I don't know know but there's so much opportunity. Do you see it? Do you see it?" And then Chase and Dylan and Bryan are like "yeah yeah we see it. It's barely there and you mention it every time but we see it."

Tiff turns to Becks and she's like "what if we throw all caution to the wind and don't even make welcome to DG gift baskets for our littles this year?" Naturally, Becks turns to Tiff and says, "Speak again and I will end your life... Tiffany." That's what happens on this quad.

You blow right by the people on the quad asking if you're registered to vote. You turn to Louisa. "Are you registered to vote?" "In a political environment divided almost exclusively on partisan lines in a state that always votes blue anyway? As if!" You both laugh. You love that you can share these little moments.

At alumni weekend, you finally return to your sacred quad. The old stomping grounds. "Wow," you sigh and look around, hoping to make eye contact with someone else from the class of '94, "Lots of memories here."

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