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I Learned A Lot Of Carnal Knowledge At The Grocery Store

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So there I was. At my local grocery store. It was a Saturday. Or maybe it was a Sunday. This is all just setting the scene. So. Aisle 5. That's where this story begins. I didn't set out to gain carnal knowledge. But I turned the corner...and the knowledge basically just presented itself.

There it was....a caramel dip targeted towards apples. And I thought to myself- "Who knew you could combine caramel and apple?" (This was not said out loud. I know that it seems that way because it's in quotes but if you read closely you'll see that I said "thought" not "said").

I couldn't believe this carnal knowledge! I never knew this before!

At this point, I was now in the frozen aisle, EXHAUSTED from all this new knowledge presenting itself. But then I found something that would have left Socrates drooling. Caramel Cone ice cream! It's basically combining the cone and the ice cream...combining intentionality with subconscious....light with with hate...

It felt like I was just beginning to truly learn about carnals. My schooling has just begun.

But just as soon as it ends. The store was closing and I had already been in there for three days. My imminent departure partially marred my impression of this caramel (pure pleasure) organic greek yogurt that I stumbled upon, all casual and stuff.

In the end, I realized I had a lot of learn about carnals...something which seems to lend itself to many different variations on classic foods, like gluten-free scoop-able pita chips.

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