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I Learned A Lot Of Carnal Knowledge At The Grocery Store

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So there I was. At my local grocery store. It was a Saturday. Or maybe it was a Sunday. This is all just setting the scene. So. Aisle 5. That's where this story begins. I didn't set out to gain carnal knowledge. But I turned the corner...and the knowledge basically just presented itself.

There it was....a caramel dip targeted towards apples. And I thought to myself- "Who knew you could combine caramel and apple?" (This was not said out loud. I know that it seems that way because it's in quotes but if you read closely you'll see that I said "thought" not "said").

I couldn't believe this carnal knowledge! I never knew this before!

Carnal knowledge presents itself in mysterious ways.

I was learning so much about carnals on this trip...

The next thing I saw truly blew my mind away. It reminds you how infinite human knowledge really is. Basically, in Aisle 7, there stood....mighty on her throne...salted caramel ALMONDS. Almonds!

This was some brand new carnal knowledge for me!

At this point, I was now in the frozen aisle, EXHAUSTED from all this new knowledge presenting itself. But then I found something that would have left Socrates drooling. Caramel Cone ice cream! It's basically combining the cone and the ice cream...combining intentionality with subconscious....light with with hate...

It felt like I was just beginning to truly learn about carnals. My schooling has just begun.

But just as soon as it ends. The store was closing and I had already been in there for three days. My imminent departure partially marred my impression of this caramel (pure pleasure) organic greek yogurt that I stumbled upon, all casual and stuff.

In the end, I realized I had a lot of learn about carnals...something which seems to lend itself to many different variations on classic foods, like gluten-free scoop-able pita chips.

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