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Natural Hair Brings The Goodness From Within

Going natural has been a journey for me. I started my transition in 2008 and it took a little over a year for me to be completely natural. No one knew I was natural because I still added heat to my hair. As I started to see ads of women with their hair in its natural state, it made me begin to change my viewpoint on natural hair. I was initially fearful of how I would be received by my husband, friends, colleagues, but most of all myself, if I wore my hair in its natural state. I asked myself, would I truly be comfortable in my natural coils or was my beauty defined by my flat iron. This caused me to obsess on the internet seeking the right product combination for my hair. The more products I looked at and the more reviews I read, it caused me to start feeling connected to a community because there were women going through the same transition as myself. I decided to test some different products because my hair was missing something. Since I already use natural shea butter on my skin and I have always used Jamaican black castor oil for hot oil treatments and that has always worked great for me, I decided to try products with this combination for my hair. This was the ideal combination that I needed. My curls are soft, bouncy, and shiny and my hair is much healthier with less breakage. I used to have extreme dry scalp and I no longer have this due to going completely natural and using hair products with natural ingredients with no sulfate. My fears have now turned into advocacy for natural hair products because it is truly brought the goodness from within.

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Embracing ME!!!

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Natural Beauty

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