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  • Interested In African American History? There’s A National Park For That.

    Nature’s beauty tells wonderful tales, and much of that beauty is protected by our national parks. The people and places that helped shape our country also have stories to tell, and increasingly these stories are being protected by our National Park System. In honor of African American History Month, these parks can teach you something about some of our most important – and often overlooked – stories of African American history.

  • 11 Of The Coolest Desert Critters

    As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the California Desert Protection Act, which elevated Joshua Tree and Death Valley from national monuments to national parks and created Mojave National Preserve, there is a lot to love! Beyond temperatures that top 120+ degrees, features like wetlands, extinct volcanoes and lava caves, giant sand dunes, wild rivers, and even waterfalls are found in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts – as well as some pretty cool critters; so many that a top 10 list just wouldn’t do!

  • 7 Wilderness Areas That May Surprise You

    Wilderness is dense forests and not seeing another person for days, right? Think again! As we celebrate National Wilderness Month and the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, the National Parks Conservation Association encourages you to pack up your hiking boots or snorkel gear to explore some of the incredible wilderness areas found in our national parks. With 44 million acres of wilderness in 47 of our 401 national park sites, there are plenty of options to choose your own adventure and go wild!

  • 17 Posters That Will Inspire You to See America

    Find your old backpack, lace up your hiking boots, and prepare to take in the beauty of America’s national parks. These new See America project posters are sure to get you planning your next national park trip. The National Parks Conservation Association partnered with the Creative Action Network (CAN) to revive the 1930’s New Deal-era “See America” posters. We’re crowd-sourcing artwork from all 50 states to celebrate our most beautiful and adventurous places. Here are some of our favorites, but you can explore more than 650 posters and support the artists at

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