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    8 Little Things Women Do That They Hope Nobody Finds Out About

    Oh this? I just threw this on.

    1. Accidentally drifting off with makeup on.

    Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

    And then waking up and thinking, "Ah, damn!"

    2. Having closets full of clothes but nothing to wear.

    Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

    I would never wear this! Who bought all these clothes?!

    3. Filthy rooms.

    Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

    Just as long as your next date doesn't go TOO well, nobody will ever find out about it, right?

    4. Never feeling confident enough to go sleeveless because who knows what's going on under our armpits.

    Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

    Regardless of whether or not you shave under your arms, it is one of the smellier spots on your body. You can never be too sure.

    5. Losing all interest in ironing before you're anywhere near finished with ironing.

    Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

    What if we all agreed, as a society, that ironing is dumb and that we should all just stop doing it already.

    6. Never having the willpower to dry our hair.

    Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

    Apparently it's good for your roots, but on the other hand, you have to get up to do it and, really, who has that kind of energy?

    7. Never quite knowing when it's appropriate to throw away a pair of underwear.

    Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

    Guess I'll just wear them until they fall apart and hope for the best?

    8. But, you know... whatever, right?

    Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

    There are a million things to worry about, but the most important thing is to keep loving yourself!

    This post was translated from Japanese.

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