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Daily Struggles Told By Scream Queens

Cause daily struggles and Chanels go hand in hand.

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When your phone is on 2% and you have to run to your charger.

When you're hungry but can't decide what you want.

When a cop car is following you but then turns down a side street.

When you post a tweet and then see a typo 4 retweets later.

When you want to drink your venti peppermint mocha and burn your tongue because you couldn't resist.

When you wanted Adele tickets but you couldn't even get past the security code.

When you find out the items in your cart don't qualify for Amazon Prime.

When you send a snapchat to the wrong person and realize it too late.

When you want to watch movie but you know you'll fall asleep halfway through it.

When you want ice cream from McDonalds, but there ice cream machine is "broken".

When your favorite TV show is over. *cough cough*

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