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The Scale Of The Universe Interactive

Interactive slider that has the relative scale and animations of EVERYTHING in the known universe. This is awesome to the power of infinite.

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OK, this is quite literally the most mind-blowing thing I have seen all year long. Of course, I'm a science geek, and love anything dealing with cosmology, particularly the macrocosm and microcosm.

In the past, we have seen many large scale (macrocosm) representations of the universe in various forms. For instance, one of my favorite videos that demonstrates the size of planets and stars called "Star Size Comparison HD":

We have another representation that includes both the large and small scale (microcosm) universe at the "Secret Worlds: The Universe Within":

An interactive slider confined to the microcosm, and very similar to this top knotch APOD interactive is the "CELL SIZE AND SCALE" animation here:

The "The Scale of the Universe Interactive" ties everything in together, and is truly an epic cosmological construction that can revolutionize education, help people grasp the universe in a new way, and is destined to go mega-viral. Cary & Michael Huang deserve some type of major award for this.

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