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Artificial Intelligence: Understands The Text In Photos And Understands What's Happening In The Image.

Today's Artificial Intelligence is way smarter than ever before. Thanks to Google and Facebook as well as other telecommunication companies.

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Artificial Intelligence is something we pass through from to time, but do we really know what it is exactly? And how it affects our daily lives? And what can it does for better future? Well, Artificial Intelligence or AI has emerged first time in 1956 and it is commonly know that it can smartly think and elaborate as human beings, not only think but does! Artificial Intelligence can earn and conclude, respond to the circumstances it is programmed to respond to. We can coin the Artificial Intelligence term to John McCarthy, the American computer scientist who died in October 24, 2011 in Standford, California, United States.

Can Artificial Intelligence understands the text in photos and understands what's happening in the image?

Yes, it can! Google and Facebook are considered as leading companies in the Artificial Intelligence, for example using this technology to provide accurate search results using colours, photos, descriptions or their Picasa could storage etc… Yet, more importantly, AI can understand the text in photos and understands what is occurring within the images.

Reading and understanding texts in pictures and interpreting what is going on have been spreading all over the pioneer technological communities in various fields; Banking, Telecommunication, Medicine etc. Google uses this technology since its genesis and most intelectual people and whom are involved in the technology field, they barely think that Artificial Intelligence was the reason why Google is Google now. Because most people know Google is relying on the machine learning in its search classification wether on the images search or web search.

Artificial Intelligence played a big role in today’s technology, thanks to Google and Facebook who help this technology to develop and becomes what it is now.

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