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    • NotTakingYourBullshit

      I amawhite woman who uses OkCupid, and I’d like to say that the male creepiness pictured here IS substantially different from whatIget.Igetalot of the “ur sexy,” “wanna fuck?” “text me (followed byaphone number)” and so on, butIhave NEVER ONCE hadaguy tell me that he “hasathing for white girls” or any of the other bullshit pictured here. Nobody has told me thatIneedabig strong man to protect me or that they expect me to be docile and submissive. Those stereotypes are associated with Asian women.Ihave heard from women of other races that they face other types of racist bullshit on OkCupid. Guys who message me on OkCupid do not mention my race, or any preconceptions they might have about me asaromantic or sexual partner based on my race. So while it is accurate that basically all women have experience with male creepiness, it is not accurate to say that that experience is the same for all women. (And I’m not sayingIspeak for all white women here, but in general from my own experience and from talking to other women,aman saying “I like girls from [insert ethnic/racial background] because [stereotype/fetish]” happens significantly less often with “white” in the first blank than with any other group.)

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