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Top 12 Presidential Mementos Hidden Throughout The Hit Television Show Friends

Some of America's greatest uh-oh's were actually hidden in our nations favorite sitcom this whole time! Quirky!

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1. Nixon's White House Tapes

We always knew there was a reason we never saw Joey's bedroom. Not only was it covered with gross Chinese leftovers and movie posters that say "I respect women up to a point," it was also harboring proof of Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal! Joey! You rascal!

2. Reagan's Blindfold

Ronald Reagan's blindfold was a necessary privilege for his weak little eyes during the 80s' AIDS crisis. When the chaos of the surrounding world became too much for ol' Ronnie, he'd slip on this little magic number and suddenly, the 4,177 reported AIDS cases in America disappeared, along with the 1,807 people who died during it. A recurring bit expertly planted by the directors, the blindfold actually made an appearance several times throughout the course of the show, with talk of it possibly showing up later on as one of Phoebe's lovers.

3. George W. Bush' Oil Pastel Paintings

Neat! Paintings from George W. Bush's "Portraits of Courage" did in fact make it in to a couple of scenes from Friends. Here the art pictured hanging in the backdrop of Monica and Rachel's shared apartment while a fun game of poker takes place in the foreground. A move quirky, but not as quirky, as a president discounting a war he caused, resulting in casualties numbering well over 500,000 people, both Iraqi and American.

4. Truman's Red Scarf

No doubt, Harry Truman was all for criminalizing communism. But sometimes even our toughest soldiers feel the need to unwind after a hard days work in something more comfortable, like a silken red scarf. That's why executive producer Kevin S. Bright decided to throw the scarf in to the backdrop of this steamy scene between Ross and Rachel to add a bit of a naughty flair. Because nothing says "naughty" more than "generous and nice to poor people."

5. Andrew Jackson's Commemorative Diseased Blanket

Monica and Rachel found a lot of things when moving apartments with Joey and Chandler, one of them being Andrew Jackson's Commemorative Diseased Blanket! A leftover Jackson found after forcing Native Americans to vacate lands they had lived on forever, the Indian Removal Act was one of his greatest joys, only second to the Trail of Tears. In fact, he was so proud, he insisted the White House display the framed blanket in the Oval Office, where it remained until it made its' way to the set of Friends. Here it can be seen laying atop Joey and Chandler's foosball table as they ride in on a porcelain dog.

6. Kennedy's ballistic missiles

Kennedy's ballistic missiles may not have gotten much use during the Cuban missile crisis, but they certainly were a welcome addition to Chandler's 30th birthday party. To make the weapons appearance less prominent, they tried dressing it up in a multiple array of fancy wigs. Unfortunately none of them fit the head of the nuclear rocket quite like they fit the head of the atomic bomb, one of David Crane's favorite reoccurring guest stars.

7. Kennedy's Pony Named Macaroni

Figuring the ballistic missile may be a bit much for Chandler's 30th birthday episode, the producers decided to throw JFK's pony Macaroni in to the mix for some good, light hearted fun. "Oh yeah I remember that dude!" Said Matthew Perry, recalling the episode. "He was the one who kept eating all the cake!"

8. Eisenhower's Love Letters to the CIA

Honestly, what wasn't Eisenhower writing the CIA about. Between overthrowing Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh, funding the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and overthrowing democratically elected Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz, Eisenhower covered every dirty request of his in beautiful rhyming couplets aimed directly for the heart of Central Intelligence staff members everywhere. The time, love, and ass-kissing he poured in to those letters were so beautiful, the people behind Friends couldn't help but feature it in the last shot of their critically acclaimed show.

9. Trump's Can And String

Woah! Not only did Joey and Rachel take a leisurely Sunday sail out on the Atlantic Ocean, they found the can and string connecting America to Russia. Little did they know, this means of communication would later be utilized by our current President, Trump! A wacky prediction! When asked about the decision to keep the can and string in the scene, the creative team behind Friends said "even we know the day will come where a President fucks up so bad, jokes about him will be too easy to make. Besides, the rapid decline of western society and human civilization isn't actually that funny. It's kind of terrifying."

10. Posters from Lyndon B. Johnson’s FBI funded smear campaign against MLK

Lyndon B. Johnson was a busy B! When he wasn't bustling around the hive trying to cover up bombings in Cambodia, you can bet your bottom dollar he was funding the FBI to completely discredit Martin Luther King Jr. Pictured here is a poster created during this notorious time that was only featured for a split second before the frame switched back to the poster board of Jeopardy in Episode 12 of Season 4, for copyright issues.

11. Obama's Drones

What's more wild than a drone strike in Syria or Iraq? That same drone finding its way in to Phoebe's delivery room! Yet another expertly placed Easter egg that just happened to predict Middle Eastern tragedy, Obamas' drone was utilized by the creative team to relieve some tension during Phoebe's delivery scene. "I don't know, we just thought it'd be a funny bit if Joey chased it around while Phoebe popped out some triplets." Said producer Marta Kaufmann "You know like, oh there goes that Joey, chasing around a stray paper airplane or something like that."

12. Teddy Roosevelt's Guinea Pigs

Some much needed comedic relief in a heavily political show, Teddy's guinea pigs were placed as a ploy to free up any tension the audience may have. Though Admiral Dewey, Dr. Johnson, and Bishop Doane couldn't make the taping of the episodes, Father O' Grady and Fighting Bob Evans managed to weasel their way in to help Rachel and Chandler eat floor cake in this iconic scene, a forever staple to the sitcom television era.

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