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    Golden Cocker Retriever: The "Forever" Puppy

    I guarantee your reaction will be "OMG, I need it now!"

    This is the Golden Cocker Retriever puppy

    This is what it looks like full grown

    It is a mixture between a Golden Retriever & a Cocker Spaniel

    Most will looklike Golden Retrievers, but some might take on more Cocker Spaniel traits


    Still cute, though.

    They are also known as the Dakota Sport Retriever

    Their average full grown size is about 16"

    Their small stature, but maintained cuteness, is why they are known as the "Forever Puppy"

    So cute!


    Note: This post has been edited from its original form to include a photo of a real grown Golden Cocker Retriever, not a puppy as was shown before.

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