10 Creative Thanksgiving Treats

Make Thanksgiving dessert more interesting this year. Skip the store-bought pumpkin pie and bring one of these instead.

1. 1. Choco Birds

What could be cuter than chocolate covered strawberry turkeys? Adorned with heart-shaped feet and candy corn feathers, these treats are sure to please your relatives’ tummies. Get the recipe here.

2. 2. Pumpkin Whoopies

A staple of the northeast, this take on the traditional chocolate whoopie pie can act as a pumpkin pie replacement.
Tip: Add chocolate chips in the cookie batter for additional flavor.

3. 3. Apple-ception

Drink warm apple cider after your thanksgiving feast in these edible cups.
Here is a quick apple cider recipe.

4. 4. Festive Turkeys

These creative birds will not only fill your mouths with sure bliss, but will also help decorate the dinner table. Easy to make, they are a good craft for rambunctious children. Try them yourself.

5. 5. Chocolate Acorns

These are quick and simple treats that follow the fall-theme and involve absolutely no baking or artistic skill at all. Don’t trust me? Look here.

6. 6. Fancy Mousse

This one is a bit more complicated, and more suited for an ornate dinner. But hey, food is food, and this one sounds delicious.

7. 7. Plymouth Rock Cookies

Cookies, a very simple way to approach Thanksgiving dessert. The effortless etching of the Mayflower landing date, however, makes it look like you actually tried.

8. 8. Nutter Butter Gobblers

These adorable creations are almost too cute to eat. Your relatives will be amazed by the sweet birds. See the anatomy of the gobblers here.

9. 9. Pumpkin Parfaits

Probably the most delicious looking parfaits ever invented, there is nothing but goodness within these glass cups. It has everything you love about a pumpkin pie, but is a tad bit healthier and far more appealing. Create one yourself.

10. 10. Apple Pie Pops

Yes, an entire pie fits inside these bite size treats. Original and delectable, these are not the simplest desserts to make, but the reward just might be worth the trouble.

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