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    VIE Media Owner Went From Nothing To Riches

    Garrett Atkins started VIE Media without a single dime to his name. The work started from his loft and has grown rapidly. This is his short story at how he went from completely broke to riches. You can do exactly the same too if you put your mind to it, remember to never quit and you will always achieve your goals if you set them.

    Garrett Atkins / Via

    This is Garrett Atkins founder of VIE Media.

    How VIE Media Build From Nothing to Riches

    Garrett Atkins, founded VIE Media in October of 2016. Started with $0 in outside investments, Garrett has taken VIE Media from his loft in the heart of downtown to three offices throughout the Greater St. Louis Area. The headquarters is located in Chesterfield, Missouri and the two satellite offices are located in Des Peres, Missouri and downtown.

    Having started the business on his own with a diverse background in sales, marketing and social media, Garrett has grown the team from himself to a team of 12. The team is comprised of sales, video, photo, graphic design, web development, copywriters and online advertising experts.

    VIE Media’s name comes from the English word “vie” that means “to compete eagerly with someone in order to do or achieve something.” This is because that is what marketing/advertising is all about: the competition to create a larger market share.

    VIE Media works with companies ranging from well-known startups all the way to Fortune 1000 chains such as Metro PCS, The UPS Store, and Better Homes and Gardens.

    VIE Media’s success can also be attributed to Garrett’s diehard belief in growing and utilizing a strong personal brand. This is seen through his own social media/online presence which he uses as leverage in order to network, acquire clientele, find outstanding team members, and provide social proof of VIE Media’s presence to the public eye.

    With VIE’s rapid growth, it plans to continue to expand its reach by opening offices across the country, adding additional team members, etc.

    VIE MEDIA / Via

    This is the VIE Media logo, whenever you see this you know you are dealing with Garrett Atkins.