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    The Definitive Ranking Of Bravermans On NBC's "Parenthood"

    As the series finale draws near, let's take some time to reflect on (and ruthlessly rank) one of TV's favorite families.

    20. Seth Holt

    19. Haddie Braverman

    18. Sydney Graham

    17. Aida Braverman

    16. Jasmine Trussell

    15. Camille Braverman

    14. Nora Braverman

    13. Victor Graham

    12. Jabbar Trussell

    11. Max Braverman

    10. Sarah Braverman

    9. Julia Graham

    8. Kristina Braverman

    7. Hank Rizzoli

    6. Zeek Braverman

    5. Crosby Braverman

    4. Drew Holt

    3. Joel Graham

    2. Amber Holt

    1. Adam Braverman