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New 8G 4G 2G Mini Spy Pen Camcorder Hidden Video Camera DVR

Brand new 8G 4G 2G Mini Spy Pen Camcorder Hidden Video Camera DVR with Spy Camcorder Video & Digital Camera Recorder, Supports USB2.0& 1.0, Battery type: Lithium-ion, Record time up to 5h, Battery use time up to about 3h. This state of the art mini mechanism is one of the best leaks out of the market. Its spy camera is one of the smallest kinescope in the world which they use just like in the James Bond Movies. With its built in microphone it enables it to record sound at around 15m2 along with the clear kinescope for digital recording it can secretly gather and help the police and court to get evidence in some quite unusual situations. With a touch of a button, it will begin recording stealthily and end by pressing it again or when memory is full. However, with our 2-8GB built in flash, that shouldn't be any worry for even the most intense detectives. After the data is recorded in AVI format, simply plug the USB part of the pen into any computer or laptop and play the video files in Windows Media or other platforms. Purchase Mini SPY Pen in: UK >> USA >> Australia >>

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