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13 Types Of Body Armor We Wish Really Existed Today

Technology needs to evolve faster. For the latest in security of the future, look no further than Norton.

1. Sunglasses that protect you from having to see your ex on the street:

2. A scarf that replaces offensive odors with a pleasant fragrance:

3. A hair clip that extends your wireless signal:

4. A sweater that repels all pet hair:

5. A chest plate that saves you from suffering a broken heart:

6. Earmuffs that make insults roll right off your back:

7. A helmet that provides a permanent personal bubble:

8. Mittens that stop you from sending that one email you'll regret:

9. Headphones that make you forget that song that's stuck in your head:

10. A hoodie that evaporates your tears when you're in public:

11. Sober goggles which make sloppy people seem charming and appropriate:

12. Pants that prevent you from getting too sore over mean internet comments:

13. And a fedora that blocks all the haters:

Get the hi-tech armor you need to protect your digital life from illegal RFID scanning. Introducing the READY Active Jean and Work-It Blazer protected by Norton.