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11 Things People Didn't Have To Think About 20 Years Ago

To torrent or not to torrent. Get peace of mind for all modern security concerns with Norton.

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1. Did you clear your cache before loaning your mom your laptop?

jdwfoto / Shutterstock / Emily Steele

Can't handle the anxiety.

2. If you don't torrent, are you a square?

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3. Do too many people know your mother's maiden name?

Jenna Marbles, / Via

And, like, is there anything you can even do about that?

4. Did you accidentally share that status with your restricted profile group?


How do you get it BACK?

5. Your mom left you a four-minute-long voicemail — is someone hurt?


Are you hurt? What does she KNOW?!

6. Wait... did your phone just ring? Or buzz? Or beep?

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But, like, did it?

7. Are you over your data this month? / Via

No more posting photos. Or sending photos. Or looking at photos. No photos, period.

8. Is your taxi app working?


How else could you POSSIBLY get home?

9. Does your GPS work without Wi-Fi?

10. Should you have bitcoin?

A bitcoin? Some bitcoin?

11. How many cat photos is TOO many cat photos, you know?

Or, does anyone really know?

Is there a creepy, digital hand in my pocket stealing my information?


Identity thieves can use RFID scanners to collect information from credit cards and passports up to 30 feet away.

The READY Active Jeans and Work-It Blazer protected by Norton use RFID blocking materials to stop digital pickpockets from scanning your pockets.