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11 Things Inhabitants Of The Most Dangerous Town On The Internet Have Done

Shady as hack. Norton set out to find "The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet" — they succeeded.

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4. This hacker, "Guccifer," even hacked America's rich and the powerful:

Which includes: the Bush family, Hillary Clinton, the Rockefellers, Colin Powell, and Federal Reserve board members.

9. This former most-wanted hacker, "Tinkode," describes what he's hacked into:

More specifically, that list includes: Google, YouTube, the U.S. Army, the Pentagon, IBM, Oracle, MySQL, and Facebook.

11. And, like every dangerous town, Râmnicu Vâlcea has rap songs dedicated to it.

This is Pele Narcis, a rapper who calls Râmnicu Vâlcea his city and released a song about it titled "Hackerville."

For more on Râmnicu Vâlcea and its inhabitants, check out Norton's documentary In Search of the Most Dangerous Town on the Internet here!

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All images and data courtesy of Norton.

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