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11 Things Inhabitants Of The Most Dangerous Town On The Internet Have Done

Shady as hack. Norton set out to find "The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet" — they succeeded.

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This is Râmnicu Vâlcea, the capital city of Vâlcea County, Romania.

Many people have dubbed it "Hackerville."

Amongst other things.

This stems from a culmination of factors including the lasting impacts of Communism and having the fastest fiber optic internet speeds in the world.

It is "The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet." Here are some of the things its inhabitants have done to earn it that prestigious distinction:

1. Scammed large sums of money from people through online auctions.

And that's per auction. This particular scammer mentions that he had up to 10–15 "clients" per week.

2. Conducted scams from internet cafés.

3. (Obviously, they don't think too highly of us.)

4. This hacker, "Guccifer," even hacked America's rich and the powerful:

Which includes: the Bush family, Hillary Clinton, the Rockefellers, Colin Powell, and Federal Reserve board members.

5. To do this they guess passwords, answers to security questions, or use worms.

6. This hacker, "Iceman," caused $500,000 in damages through hacking:

That text read: "I hacked your server and security, contact me at this email address...."

7. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. An estimated 1 billion dollars in damages has been attributed to Romanian hackers.

8. They've even hacked governments for Anonymous. Which governments?

Of course.

9. This former most-wanted hacker, "Tinkode," describes what he's hacked into:

More specifically, that list includes: Google, YouTube, the U.S. Army, the Pentagon, IBM, Oracle, MySQL, and Facebook.

10. There are even Romanian undercover cybercrime agents solely dedicated to catching these hackers.

11. And, like every dangerous town, Râmnicu Vâlcea has rap songs dedicated to it.

This is Pele Narcis, a rapper who calls Râmnicu Vâlcea his city and released a song about it titled "Hackerville."

For more on Râmnicu Vâlcea and its inhabitants, check out Norton's documentary In Search of the Most Dangerous Town on the Internet here!

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All images and data courtesy of Norton.