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The Definitive Guide To Creating A Perfect Password

If your password is "password," this is for you. Norton Security is here to help you be as secure as possible.

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7. Another popular method suggests that you think of a random person (either famous or someone you know), an action, an object, and an interesting setting.

Now imagine what that scene would look like. That should help you remember it. This method is called the PAO Method (short for person-action-object).

12. Do change your password.


Something's off, you sense it in the air. Were you hacked or are you just being paranoid? If it makes you feel any better, just know that constantly changing your password does not make you any more or less susceptible to attacks.

If the thought of remembering all your passwords is making your brain hurt, use a password manager. And kick up your online security by actively protecting yourself with Norton, because no one wants to meet a hacker.