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13 Risky Things We Do Online That We’d Never Do IRL

Can you make it through this post without getting a virus? The answer is yes, because Norton is actively protecting you 24/7.

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1. Share stolen goods with millions of your friends. / Via

That's where your downloaded copy of Snow Wolf's hot new album came from: stolen and leaked by an eagle.

2. Protect all of your things with the same lock. / Via

Those "special" photos you have on the cloud are never gonna get out thanks to that one password you use for everything.

3. Show sides of yourself you would otherwise never reveal in public. / Via

Yeah, those "special" photos.

4. Share all of your darkest secrets.

Because internet anonymity makes us feel ~angsty~.

Because internet anonymity makes us feel ~angsty~.

5. Get into pointless fights constantly. Like pretty much everywhere you go it happens.


That's you getting into a "tweet" war. But instead of knocking the other party off a ledge, you just mash your keyboard furiously.

6. You end up becoming so preoccupied with pushing people's buttons for a laugh, you don't even realize what you've become.

Ask yourself: "Who's really trolling whom here?"

7. Doing exactly what a stranger tells you.

BuzzFeed Motion Pictures / Via

You didn't do anything, but a bunch of anonymous strangers on an internet forum told your girlfriend she should break up with you, so...

8. Or worse, entrusting your "life" to them.


For all those times you were playing video games online with "friendly fire" on and one of your teammates killed you.

9. Accept and sign things without reading any of it.


Isn't that how souls are sold?

10. Buy clothes without trying them on.


"...but it looked so good on the model."

11. Stalk everyone you know.


And then proceed to let them know you "like" everything they've ever done.

12. Fall in love with someone you've never actually met in person.

They're funny, smart, successful, charming, they look strangely similar to a famous model, AND they're into you? Sounds a bit fishy...

13. Give out your address, credit card information, and name of your childhood pet to pretty much anyone who asks.

Tokyo Movie Shinsha / Via

Y'know, because every website that asks for your information is totally trustworthy.

Your online world is as risky as the real one — so if you’re going to walk in the face of digital danger, you need to actively protect your digital life with Norton Security.