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7 Truths And 7 Myths About Hydroelectric Power

Think you know hydropower myths versus facts? Northwest RiverPartners is here to set the record straight.

1. Myth: Hydroelectric dams don't produce a lot of energy.

Water flowing down a tiered channel in a hydroelectric dam.

2. Myth: There's not much an average person can do to work toward a carbon-free future.

A group of volunteers participating in a river clean up.

3. Myth: Hydropower seems outdated.

Water flowing through a dam.

4. Myth: No forms of renewable energy can be efficiently stored for later use.

A rainbow appears over the river of a hydroelectric dam.

5. Myth: Hydroelectric power is more expensive than wind and solar power.

Water is released from holding in a hydroelectric dam.

6. Myth: Hydroelectric dams disrupt natural ecosystems and block rivers.

7. Myth: Dams endanger Northwest salmon populations.

Salmon swimming upstream.

Did all of that info soak in? Learn more about Northwest RiverPartners and how you can take the next step to a carbon-free future!

All facts from Northwest RiverPartners.