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11 Ways To Make The Holidays More Magical For Kids

Christmas is the season for magic and a time for fun with family! Keep the magic alive with these activities, brought to you by Northpole and Hallmark.



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This holiday craft is easy and gets everyone in the spirit of Christmas! Learn how to make it here. It's a free printable!


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The best way to get excited for Christmas is to count down AND do some fun holiday activities along the way. Click here for activity suggestions and instructions.


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Step 1: Place a peppermint into a bowl of sugar.

Step 2: Overnight, take out the peppermints and put in candy canes.

Step 3: Watch how excited everyone gets when they wake up to find candy canes!


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If you don't have a chimney, have no fear! Santa can still get into your house and give you all your presents if you drape a special key on your door. A good place to look for antique keys is at your local thrift store or flea market.


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Instructions on how to make (cold!) snow here.



Help the Christmas Eve jitters by making a special care package for your little one. Put in a set of PJs, a stuffed animal, games, hot chocolate mix, and anything else they'd enjoy on a cold Christmas Eve night. Get some suggestions here.


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Mix together oatmeal and glitter in a plastic baggie and have your kids sprinkle it in your yard on Christmas Eve. The reindeers will be so happy to get a sparkly treat!


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Don't forget the milk too!



And don't forget to eat the milk and cookies.



Christmas morning just got better! We all know tearing wrapping paper is fun, but running through some like a football player? YESSSS!


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There’s no denying that Santa is real with these tracks made of baking-soda "snow."

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