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11 Ways To Make The Holidays More Magical For Kids

Christmas is the season for magic and a time for fun with family! Keep the magic alive with these activities, brought to you by Northpole and Hallmark.

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Step 1: Place a peppermint into a bowl of sugar.

Step 2: Overnight, take out the peppermints and put in candy canes.

Step 3: Watch how excited everyone gets when they wake up to find candy canes!


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If you don't have a chimney, have no fear! Santa can still get into your house and give you all your presents if you drape a special key on your door. A good place to look for antique keys is at your local thrift store or flea market.



Help the Christmas Eve jitters by making a special care package for your little one. Put in a set of PJs, a stuffed animal, games, hot chocolate mix, and anything else they'd enjoy on a cold Christmas Eve night. Get some suggestions here.


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Mix together oatmeal and glitter in a plastic baggie and have your kids sprinkle it in your yard on Christmas Eve. The reindeers will be so happy to get a sparkly treat!

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