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Paid PostNov 1, 2014

13 Things Every Kid Who Travels On Christmas Knows To Be True

Only those who travel on Christmas know the true joy it can bring. Whether your journeys take you to Northpole or beyond, enhance the trip with magic from Hallmark.

1. The holiday starts early.


Before you've had your last leftover turkey sandwich, the travel plans are set, and you're counting the days.

2. Your advent calendar is extra exciting...

Anders Ruff Custom Designs (CC BY-ND http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 50997200@N07

...because you know it's leading up to Christmas AND a big trip!

3. Preparation is one of the best parts.


You and your family spend the week before Christmas carefully wrapping special ornaments to bring with you.

4. It's incredibly important to remember your stocking.


Because your stocking is YOUR stocking — it’s irreplaceable. So you bring it with you!

5. Your parents have the trip covered.

Getty Images Digital Vision / Via Thinkstock

Your mom and dad made special Christmas travel kits to keep you and your siblings entertained on the drive or flight. Kits include: new toys, coloring books, picture books, CANDY CANES...

6. There are so. Many. Snacks.


And not just regular it’s-a-long-trip snacks. These are special Christmas snacks.

7. Plus there are always the “off-limits” bags that kids aren’t allowed to touch. / Via

How are you not supposed to die from excitement?

8. Sometimes you get stuck in a city you didn’t mean to (what's up Chicago and Denver).

Via BuzzFeed

But that just increases the fun! Impromptu holiday night in a hotel with your whole family? UM, YES PLEASE.

9. Inevitably, you will nap on your parents at some point.

Courtesy of J Dubinsky

Extreme excitement about Christmas combined with the mass candy cane intake = sugar crash.

10. You get to pick out the perfect Christmas tree... twice.


Your house is set up for Christmas before you leave, and once you make it to your destination, you get to pick out another, smaller tree to decorate x2.

11. If you travel someplace warm, you get to make the place you’re staying that much more Christmas-y.

Ross Anania / Getty Images

There can never be too many decorations.

12. Matching Christmas PJs are essential wherever you are.

Dennis Hallinan / Getty Images

And you obviously brought them and are all wearing them on Christmas morning.

13. You were worried Santa might not find you, but your doubts are squashed when you wake up on Christmas morning.

Getty Images/Brand X Blend Images - KidStock / Via

Santa brought you just what you wished for. Christmas success.

Wherever you are this Christmas Eve, the magically glowing Find Me, Santa! Snowflake will always lead Santa straight to your home.

Hang it up, watch it glow… and Santa will know! Direct from Northpole and specially delivered by Hallmark.