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The 8 Best MTV Video Music Awards Ever

because these are the years Queen Britney Spears made an appearance!

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1999 because Britney Spears & NSYNC performed "...Baby One More Time"/"Tearin Up My Heart"

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1999 was the year Britney Spears made her debut appearance on the show, so obviously this is one of the most important VMA's ever!

2000 because Britney Spears performed "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"/"Oops!...I Did It Again"

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The 2000 VMA's would have been nothing without Britney's controversial performances mostly due to her ripping off a tuxedo to reveal skin-colored performance attire. You go girl!

2001 because Britney Spears performed "I'm A Slave 4 U"

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2001 has to be the most memorable year in VMA history thanks to Britney Spears herself. Not only did she start off her performance in a cage with a white tiger, but she sang and danced all while holding a LIVE ALBINO BURMESE PYTHON ON HER SHOULDERS!!!

2002 because Britney Spears introduced Michael Jackson with a special Birthday Message and Award

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Obviously this year had to be included as one of the best VMA's cause Britney Spears graced us with her presence.

2003 because Britney Spears, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, and Missy Elliot performed "Like A Virgin"/"Hollywood"/"Work It"

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2003's VMA is only known for this iconic performance, which is a shame since this performance opened this show. With callback references to Madonna performance of "Like A Virgin" at the 1984 VMA's to Madonna kissing both Britney and Christina, this is hands down one of the best years of the VMA's.

2007 because Britney Spears performed "Gimme More"

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After a 4 year hiatus, Britney Spears finally returned to the VMA stage and opened the 2007 show with her hit single "Gimme More" off [her best album imo] Blackout. This performance was heavily critisized because Spears mimed to her song while wearing a revealing sequined outfit. A media critic noted that Spears seemed confused and disoriented on stage and appeared to have forgotten the lyrics and dance moves to her performance, but I honestly don't think the performance is that bad and once again the show was all about Britney!

2008 because Britney Spears opened the show with a sketch featuring Jonah Hill

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Talk about a comeback! Britney Spears made her return to the VMA's and this has to be one of the best VMA's ever because Britney finally wins her first VMA and then two more that night.

2011 because Lady Gaga presented Britney Spears with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award

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2011 is one of the best years in VMA history cause Britney Spears was honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and tribute performance for everything she has done for the music industry.

The 2015 VMA's air tonight and it's going to be another great year cause Britney Spears will be there and she will be sitting next to Kylie Jenner

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