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How I Learned Self-Love From Watching Love & Hip-Hop

I looked beyond the ratchet and these are the moments I realized I was my best self!

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but I looked beyond the fighting and beyond the name calling, to find that these women truly love and believe in themselves and that is exactly what I lack.

Momma Dee released her debut single "I Deserve" and believing in her talents feels that her only competition is Rihanna and Beyonce.


I learned that if you want to be successful, you have to believe that you are successful.

Miss Nikki Baby may be 86% plastic, but obviously its all paid off cause she knows she looks so good and that is why everyone is mad.


I learned that if you're not happy with your body, no one else will be happy with it.

I'm not quite sure what Joseline Hernandez does for work since leaving the strip club, but according to her she pays the bills by being a bad bitch.

Rasheeda doesn't care if randoms try and come in between her and her man cause she knows she smells good as a motherfucker and when you're confident, people can smell it on you.

After Chrissy found out her man didn't want to leave his wife and marry her, she let him know that he is losing the best bitch he ever had.


I learned that if you are a jumpoff, a side chick, or the other woman and your man won't give you everything you think you deserve then leave him in the dust cause you're worth it.

After being accused of having a fake butt, K Michelle let people know that her body is 100% from her mama and Jiffy cornbread.


I'm a little thicker and learned that when people accuse you of having a bad body, you need to own it and let them know you got it from your mama. Cause who is going to disrespect your mama and keep the conversation going?

Erica Mena doesn't mind speaking the truth and telling people what they need to hear.


I learned that it isn't bad to be outspoken. Sometimes people need to hear what you have to say about them because most people are scared to be outspoken and if they feel like you are coming onto strong, state a flaw you may have.

Erica Pinkett let Scrappy know that she is crazy,


I learned that having a mental illness is not a disability. If you can be open and honest with your friends about your condition, more people will learn to respect you cause they will understand why you act the way you act.

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