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    • norn66

      I disagee gays are made and born just like serial killers and pedophiles. you take someone who is young and confused and put him around someone who was born with a genetic defect making them lean towards the same sex and kaboom you have a new homosexual thinking its okay. when actually if everyone was gay we would cease to exist. oh wait no we wouldn’t we could adopt another species’s offspring and convince them from adolescence what we were doing was natural, like we have done to most of the teen to early twenties generation now.Those that don’t quite fit in are taken under the arms of the homosexual community and converted and its easier to say little tommy was born that way than face up to the ugly truth that theres something wrong with our children and they need our help not our acceptance of the problem we did the same thing when some idiot with a PHD said kids that run around all day are hyperactive and should be treated with ridelin and zoloft when we were too lazy to chase our kids around so we branded them with adhd and drugged them into zombie status and it interacted badly with thier growing hormones which resulted in messing a lot of them up for life. This is no different they need help and the lifelong homosexuals need very limited access to young impresionable minds if not complete restriction to minors which is what this MORAL HERO Mr Putin is trying to do. I also disagree with the live and let live statement I leave my neighbors bussiness alone and mind my own pretty good so my neiborhood has a gay pride picnic which resulted in me having to park two blocks away on the day of the event and walk home with my two small boys what i saw was disgusting there were drunk gay men with beards making out wearing nothing but speedo’s (no one but profesional swimmers should wear speedo’s)guys dressed as girls, heavyset females with brushcuts and no bra’s under there muscle shirts fighting with their girlfreinds and four or five teenagers who looked too young to be around this drunken crowd of degenerate’s for the next to days my boys questioned me on why they saw some guys kissing so I told them the Hard truth there’s something wrong with them they are not as nature intended and sometimes things go wrong when life is created not the lie the gays of the world are trying to tell that its supposed to be normal for same sex coupling. procreation doesnt happen that way because regardless of your religious beliefs its not natural or normal and should be kept away from children until they are adults with educated minds so they have a chance to defend themselves from the perverts who would lead them from nature’s intended path HOORAY FOR RUSSIA HOORAY FOR PUTIN HOORAY FOR RUSSIAN MORAL SUPERIORITY HOORAY FOR RUSSIAN VODKA

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