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The 11 Emotional Stages Of Shopping A Sale

It's time to hit the racks. Are you ready? You'll always find the best styles for less at Nordstrom Rack.

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1. Checking your bank account and seeing you have some extra funds left over. Shopping time!

2. Realizing that this is a perfect excuse to find a new outfit for the first day of classes.

3. Grabbing your friends and heading to your favorite shop. You. Are. Ready.

4. Taking in all the clothes you want. Is this a dream?

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Where do you even start? Breathe.

5. Realizing someone is standing by that ~*~dream item~*~ you just spotted.

6. Coming to terms with the fact that you might have to fight for this coveted, perfect, made-for-you item.

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7. Waiting stealthily to make your move. The coast is clear — the item is yours!

8. Spotting the original price on the item's label.

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Oh, the savings! Could this be true?

9. Finding there are two sizes left, and one of them is yours.

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BOOM chaka laka chaka laka chaka laka.

10. Trying it on and having it fit like a glove. Yaaass!

11. And realizing you still have money left over after that score.

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