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11 Things You Didn’t Realize You Were Thankful For Until You Were An Adult

Happy holidays you wonderful adult you. Love, Nordstrom!

1. Coming home for the holidays to a fully stocked refrigerator.

2. Baking holiday cookies with your parents.

3. Getting carded at your hometown bars.

4. Your delightfully goofy relatives.

5. Playing with wrapping-paper tubes.

Are you ever really too old for this?

6. Being forced to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

7. Getting super into the holiday spirit.

8. People who actually put up holiday decorations.

9. Getting clothing as a present.

10. Snow!!!

11. All the work parents put in during the holidays.

What did you realize you were thankful for once you became an adult? Share in the comments below!

This holiday season, Nordstrom just wants to say thanks for being a valued customer. That's it. Happy holidays.