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If You're Heading Back To Campus, Nordstrom Has Your Back

From apparel to housewares to supplies, everything you'll need is in this post.

If you're super stoked to be headed back to campus this fall, then you're going to be even more excited to add these items to your cart from Nordstrom in preparation...

1. A pair of Converse boots that are the perfect cross between sneakers and boots, and will carry you all through the fall. Stick with a classic white color — they'll go with everything in your wardrobe.

2. And some playful socks that'll dress up your classic sneaks and boots. If you have an entirely neutral wardrobe, these socks will be a perfect colorful pop.

model wearing socks

3. A Fjällräven mini backpack in case you have lighter class days where you don't need a huge backpack for your necessities. This mini size will easily fit a notebook, your tablet, and any other essentials you may need.

4. A trio of travel hand sanitizers because in this day in age, you can seriously never have enough. The cute and sleek bottles feature scents of lavender, bergamot, and eucalyptus and has hydrating ingredients like jojoba, argan, and coconut oils.

5. A Mario Badescu facial mist to keep handy throughout a day jam-packed with activities for a quick skin refresh. This works great as a makeup primer and also as a makeup setting spray.

facial setting spray

6. A Hydro Flask water bottle you'll want to take with you everywhere, every day. It keeps drinks hot or cold for a superlong period of time so you don't have to worry about your morning coffee turning into cold brew or your water tasting grossly warm during your midday lecture.

7. A pair of blue light glasses because you want to ensure you're protecting yourself from potential headaches from all that screentime. Pop these on during class or when you're writing that superrrrrrlong midterm paper.

blue light blocking glasses

8. A pair of slip-on Vans — perfect for runs to the laundry room or a trip to the dining hall. No need to worry about tying your laces. Slide them on and head out the door.

9. A satin slip dress because we all need an effortless closet staple that requires zero effort but still looks chic as heck. You'll want to snag this in both colors because it'll be the easiest and most graceful-looking outfit you own.

10. A hair pin set so you can experiment with different hair styles for every day of the week. Hair pins are an easy way to amp up your simple ponies and buns.

11. A pair of utility overalls that are a classic fall 'fit. Pop them over a short- or long-sleeved tee and pair them with your combat boots for a chic "I look like I tried but I really just rolled out of my bed" look.

12. An Our Place pan set if you're staying in an apartment this year and you're forgoing a meal plan. This new pan will be your kitchen superhero. It works as a frying pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, and saucier, AND has a spatula and spoon rest.

13. Faux leather heels if you have to head to any formal events this semester. Having at least one evergreen pair of heels in your closet is a must.

14. Sleek Adidas track pants that are a great gym option if you're headed to a quick sweat sesh after class. They feature a drawstring at the waist so you can achieve the perfect fit.

person wearing track pants in gray

15. A vintage Looney Tunes tee for a one-of-a-kind top that I doubt anyone at your college will have. This chic top features fun plaid sleeves and a cropped silhouette.

looney tunes vintage tee

16. Double Tip Highlighters for keeping handy in your book bag for those in-depth history notes you're probs going to need for that big test in a month...

17. A sunrise clock that also works as a reading light, sound machine, and clock all in one. You won't have to worry about bothering your roommate with a super-annoying alarm sound. This one mimics a sunrise so you can wake up feeling refreshed and your roommate can still enjoy their slumber.

See. Nordstrom has your back with all your back-to-school needs AND if there's anything else you think of, pop over to the site for even more necessities.

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