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13 Little Things You Probably Forgot To Thank Your Mom For

Besides carrying you around for nine months...

1. She let you give her makeovers.

2. She had Oscar-worthy acting skills.

3. Like seriously, she's good.

4. She let you barf on all her shirts.

5. She dressed like this in public simply for your amusement...

6. ...and listened to the same songs every single day.

7. Her snack game was always strong...

8. ...and she put your problems over her own.

9. She has witnessed your most embarrassing moments but will never tell a soul.

10. She basically risked her life teaching you to drive.

11. She also taught you how to properly negotiate.

12. She passed down her impeccable fashion sense.

13. And she has always been there for you!

This Mother's Day, show your mom how much you appreciate everything she does with some help from Nordstrom!