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10 Dad Jokes For Literally Any Situation

A grate supply of cheesy jokes. And so it begins...

1. When you want to impress the cute barista.

2. When you desperately need to break the ice on a first date.

3. When you have to schmooze the car salesman for a better deal.

4. When you need to ease the tension at family game night.

5. When you want to make a lasting impression during a job interview.

6. When you have to mingle at your co-worker's Halloween party.

7. When you are shoe shopping with your mother-in-law.

8. When you are trying to get on your landlord's good side.

9. When you need to butter up your S.O. before telling them you brought home a pet.

10. When the time comes to name your child.

From life advice to corny jokes, your dad taught you well! Remember to thank him this Father's Day with some help from Nordstrom.