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10 Reasons Back-To-School Shopping Season Is Even Better As An Adult

Mom might not be paying for everything anymore, but Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale has your back.

For kids, the end of summer can feel like the end of the world.

And shopping isn't even fun because they know it means they're going back to school.

On the other hand, being an adult during this time is AWESOME!

1. You reap all the benefits and don't even have go to class.

2. Or wear dorky uniforms.

3. You can buy whatever you want without having to ask your mom for permission.

4. Which means you can literally wear whatever you want, whenever you want.

5. You also don't have to deal with anyone pulling at your clothes to make sure they fit right.

6. Or yelling at you to hurry up right outside of the dressing room door.

7. Also, most families wait until the last possible moment to go shopping, so you can snag all the good stuff before it's gone.

8. And by "good stuff" we mean "shoes."

9. Most importantly, back-to-school shopping means even grown-ups get stuff on sale.

10. And as we all know, discounts are like candy to adults.

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is right around the corner. Get your hands on brand-new arrivals at discounted prices only from 7/22–8/7.