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9 People Thank Their Parents For Great Holiday Memories

Thank you, great moms and dads. The holidays wouldn't be the same without you. Nordstrom's here to help you express your gratitude with perfect gifts for your family.

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Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for inspiring a spirit of giving on a day that is so often about getting. Each Christmas Eve on the drive home from the big family celebration, I remember crossing the bridge to get home from Long Island. As we approached the toll plaza, we would avoid the E-ZPass lane and pick a cash lane. We strategically would try to find an older family car and get in front of them to enter the pay lane. My parents would pay the toll for the car behind them and ask the toll booth operator to wish them a happy holiday. Thank you for setting such an inspiring example. I carry on the tradition as an adult making the drive by myself on holidays now and hope to share the love of giving, even in a small way, with my children in the future.



Dear Mamma and Papa Dig,

I know you guys were always worried about taking me over to my aunt and uncle's house on Christmas Day — Uncle K. would buy what looked like the entire LEGO aisle while you guys got me maybe two or three presents — the cousins already had video games and movies lying around still in the wrappers, and both of their rooms looked like a toy store after a tornado. You told me you remember seeing a look of devastation on my face while they just kept opening and opening and opening presents, but what I remember about those days is Aunt R. screaming "Baaaaacooooooon" at breakfast and treating my sister like the daughter she never had, pretending I didn't know Uncle J. was dressed as Santa, running around the house with the cousins, and generally being an unreasonably loud bunch of weirdos. I know all that time's behind us, but those memories are the ones I think of whenever anyone asks me what Christmas means to me.

Love you,

Christiano El Bandito

Mom and Dad:

You guys always did an amazing job of taking holiday celebrations on the road, whenever needed — especially Hanukkah. That one year when we were headed out of town for a huge family occasion, I figured our celebration would be postponed, but you brought the menorah to the hotel and made my life complete by kicking off the holiday of my seventh-grade year with a multidisc Beastie Boys anthology, and life was never the same. Sorry you had to listen to me rehearsing every word of "Root Down" in the backseat until New Year's, if not longer.


Dear Mom,

Remember when I called you when I was lonely, 19, and studying abroad in London? I mentioned how sad I was that I was going to miss your sweet potatoes with marshmallows at Thanksgiving. It was my first Thanksgiving without you. When I returned in December, you had sweet potatoes with marshmallows waiting for me, right as I got off the plane.

It meant the world to me.

Thank you.



Dear Mom and Dad,

Every year when my sister and I were kids, you drove us hours out of town so we could chop down our own Christmas tree. We'd walk forever through the snow, argue over the right tree, make Dad lie down in the freezing mud with a dull saw to chop it down when we finally found it (while we complained about alleged frostbite). It was, and still is, my favorite Christmas tradition. Growing up, I took this experience for granted — I didn't appreciate that you guys could have made your lives a lot easier by just buying a tree in a lot instead of taking time out of your busy schedules to make sure we spent this time together. I can't imagine a holiday season going by without this tradition, and I know if I do this with my kids someday, I will be a pretty awesome mom.



Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for teaching me the art of patience over the holidays. You taught us how important it was to savor every single present, as we all took turns opening them one at a time. This allowed for us to have presents to open all day long, and not just rush through them and have all the magic be over in a couple minutes. This lesson has stayed with me over the years, and applies to even bigger things than opening gifts. Taking the time to appreciate everyone and everything in my life has truly made me a happier person. Thank you so much for this lifelong gift, as I now look forward to teaching the same lesson to my children.


Dear Mom and Dad,

As a kid, I remember lying down next to the tree in the wee hours of every Christmas Eve, certain that "this time around" I would catch Santa dropping off the presents. One of you guys would always sit with me and explain that as long as I was planted like a rock right on Santa's path, dear ol' Santa wouldn’t stop by our place. I, with the stubbornness of a wild goat, ignored you and insisted on waiting for him. At some point, I would doze off...and next thing I knew, I'd open my eyes to a mountain of impeccably wrapped presents, placed all around the tree and spilling over into the living room. How Santa pulled off the quietest gift delivery ever, I do not know. I am equally dumbfounded by how he knew exactly what I wanted. But thank you. Thank you being patient, generous, and putting up with my sassy self all those Christmases.

Love uuu,


Dear Mum,

My brother and I used to dread waking up at 4 a.m. to make the long drive up to Grandma's place the day before Christmas. Why couldn't we just wake up at 9 a.m. like normal people? As we'd turn onto the freeway, you'd do your signature cheer, and we'd roll our eyes and fall back asleep. But there was something so nice about waking up hours later, the sun shining into the car, on some middle-of-nowhere road hours away from home. We'd stop for breakfast, and by the time we got back on the road, it felt like the trip was just beginning. You'd keep us occupied by getting us to sing your silly songs, and you'd find new fun places for us to stop and explore along the way. And when we'd get to Grandma's by 3 p.m instead of midnight, and have all afternoon to hang with our cousins, it all made sense. So even though we were grumpy for those trips every time, thank you for making them special.


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