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12 Things You Have To See To Believe

Some things only SEEM too good to be true. Like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, where you'll find stunning deals on brand-new, just-arrived fall styles. Sale goes from 7/17–8/2.

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1. This shaggy dog, whose scooter skills are ON POINT:

That talented AND that cute? We're getting jealous, TBH.

2. This baby grasshopper, giving the world's tiniest high five:

3. This get-dressed-quick dude, who is more coordinated than his outfit:

Can we see the rest of his morning routine pls???

4. This hummingbird, who totally wins at photobombing:

She'll upstage whoever she wants, WHENEVER she wants.

5. This dauntless rabbit, who doesn't see obstacles, he sees opportunites:


6. This fashion-forward pigeon, who's an enviably fearless accessorizer: / Via

Bread products + feathers? INSPIRED.

7. This careful raccoon, who is grabbing his treat ever so gingerly: / Via

Never before and never again has an almond been treated so preciously.

8. This international hamster of mystery, showing off his heist skills: / Via

She can have the carrots, but if she goes after the chocolate we'll have to talk.

9. This daredevil, who felt like motorcycling needed to be taken up a notch:

"You know what my commute is missing? GYMNASTICS."

10. This focused gentleman, who has totally mastered the ancient art of poolgolf: / Via

Gool? Polf? IDK.

11. This maverick giraffe, who was born to ride: / Via

He's got this.

12. This baby elephant, who can't even handle bath time RN: / Via

Bath time = best time.

Some things you've just got to see to believe — the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is SO one of those things. It’s unlike any other sale as it features brand-new, just-arrived fall styles at *seriously* discounted prices. Don't miss it, 7/17–8/2.