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11 Signs You're Ready For A More Elegant Holiday Season

Because sometimes you're after a little more than an ugly sweater party. Nordstrom gets it and is 100% there to help you polish up your holiday style.

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4. You've fantasized about the perfect presentation for your holiday cocktails:

Garnishes. Glassware. Accessories. GOOD.

7. You've been checking out photographer sites so you can make your perfect holiday card pic fantasies:

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Not only will your cards be prettier than ever this year...they will be going OUT. ON. TIME. #realadult

10. 90% of your interest in hosting a holiday party comes from your insatiable desire to set the table super pretty:

Got your friends like "Holidayuuuuuum!"

And you know it'll be worth the effort if it lets you give your friends and family a more memorable and beautiful season. Nordstrom is here to help you get there.

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