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This E.T. Theory Involving Star Wars Will Blow Your Mind

The answer was in front of us all along.

Reddit user jWiessing posted a shocking theory about E.T. involving everyone's favorite Jedi master.

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This theory popped up on Reddit and links to an Imgur page. It's not entirely clear who created the theory. What is clear is that it's amazing.

First of all, as everyone remembers, Yoda is a well known figure in the Senate Chamber.

Disney / Via

Since E.T. creatures exist in Star Wars (they can be seen clearly in the Senate Chamber in Episode II), it's reasonable to assume they know Yoda.

Disney / Via

In E.T., one of them comes to Earth and meets a young boy, Elliot.

Universal Home Video

Elliot plays with Star Wars toys, which is kinda weird.

Universal Home Video

E.T. meets a kid who's dressed up as Yoda for Halloween... and recognizes him.

Universal Home Video

E.T. says, "home... home..."

It's reasonable to assume that E.T. can make bikes and toys fly by using the force. Which must mean...

Universal Home Video / Via

E.T. IS A F****** JEDI!

This is you right now:


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