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37 Outrageous Things You Will See At Every Quinceañera

So. Many. Dances.

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2. El sonidero who keeps interrupting his own music by mumbling some random DJ stuff into a microphone every 10 seconds.

::music plays:: –Estamos celebrando– ::music plays:: –el cumpleanos– ::music plays:: –de la– ::music plays:: –Quinceañera– ::music plays:: FML!!!

9. Coditos and beans SOMEHOW make their way onto your plate.

10. "Quinceañera" will always be playing at the reception:

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23. Photo op with that cousin, who for some reason, feels the urge to throw up a gang sign.

Flickr: cayobo Creative Commons

Because your cousin's Quinceñera photo op is CLEARLY the time to "represent."

35. Quinceañeras who are just OVER IT.

37. Tears in everyone’s eyes when the parents deliver the "thank you" speech to their daughter.

Seriously, this is the most beautiful moment of the night. After this, your friends and relatives will hit the dance floor and get crazy drunk. It's baller.

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