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    17 Essential Items Every Proud Chicana Needs Right Now

    Xicana Pride all day everyday.

    1. This beautiful necklace that perfectly reflects who you are:

    2. These necklaces that show off your true colors:

    3. This cute concha shirt that's sweeter than pan dulce:

    4. These super chingona earrings:

    5. This shirt that shines brighter than the moon:

    6. These earrings that will make you proud about that nopal en la frente:

    7. This necklace that'll let everyone know who's boss:

    8. This awesome shirt that's full of tanto amor:

    9. These hoops that you'll never want to take off:

    10. This shirt that turns something negative into a positive:

    11. This adorable brooch featuring nature's butter:

    12. This patch that lets people know when there's a real chingona in the house:

    13. This cute concha pin that's too sweet:

    14. These gorgeous handmade Frida Kahlo earrings:

    15. This necklace that will remind you of your priorities:

    16. This coaster that will remind you of your roots:

    17. And finally, this necklace that will remind you that you are, above all else...