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    Twitter Went In On Hillary Clinton After Her Campaign Compared Her To Abuelas

    Apparently she has a lot in common with your abuela.

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    On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton's campaign published an article on how the Democratic presidential candidate is just like your abuela. The piece was written by a Latina Clinton staffer Paola Luisi.

    "Abuela" is spanish for grandmother. The article uses GIFs, quotes, photos, tweets, videos and Spanglish to compare Clinton to a typical Latina abuela.

    Luisi wanted to do something because Clinton reminds her of her abuela and because of the news Monday that Clinton was going to be a grandmother again, the Clinton campaign told BuzzFeed.

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    People took to Twitter to express their disapproval of the comparison, using the hashtag #NotMyAbuela, which was trending in the U.S.


    Some of the tweets tackled the comparison with humor:

    Other tweets took a more serious tone:

    Hilary is #NotMiAbuela #NotMyAbuela because I was separated by mine by many miles, and a militarized border

    Some people wondered if there was a double standard because Bernie Sanders supporters, including his staff, have referred to him as Tio Bernie, or Uncle Bernie.

    I am wondering why is #TioBernie Ok, but Hillary can't be like our Abuela? #notmyabuela Honest ? ,I got no skin in the game at this point.

    Why did I join the #BernieSanders campaign? Because the Latino Outreach team & #TioBernie will work tirelessly so...

    Regardless, while Clinton's campaign has certainly been working hard to woo the Latino vote, others are wondering if the campaign's "Hispandering" went a little too far this time.


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