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    15 Food Facts That Are Hard To Believe But Totally True

    The world is strange and delicious place.

    1. In 2010, a professor at Kansas State University ate nothing but Hostess snacks, Doritos, sugary cereals, and Oreos for two months and lost 27 pounds.

    Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition, put himself through this junk-food diet in an attempt to prove that weight loss happens due to pure calorie-counting, and not because of the nutritional value of food. So he reduced his calorie intake from 2,600 calories a day to 1,800, eating sugary junk food every three hours.

    Not only did he lose weight, but he also reduced his bad cholesterol by 20%, and increased his good cholesterol by 20%.

    2. A woman set a world record by eating a 72-ounce steak in less than three minutes.

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    Molly Shuyer, a mother of four from Minnesota, weighs only 120 pounds and DEMOLISHED the previous record held by a dude named "Furious Pete," who ate the steak in six minutes and 48 seconds.

    3. A man was admitted into the ER complaining of being drunk without having a sip of alcohol. It was discovered that the man was unintentionally brewing beer in his gut.

    Andrewsafonov / Getty Images

    The 61-year-old man, who had a history of home-brewing, had built up yeast in his stomach. So when he ate starch-heavy foods, the yeast fermented the sugars into ethanol. The man was essentially a living, breathing human brewery.

    4. In 1998, Michael Cameron, a student at Greenbrier High School, 130 miles east of Atlanta, was suspended for wearing a Pepsi shirt on "Coke Day."

    honug / Via

    The student received a harsh punishment because Coca-Cola executives were visiting the school. According to school officials, "It's not a Coke-Pepsi war issue...It has nothing to do with that. It was a student deliberately being disruptive and rude.''

    But a Coca-Cola spokesperson said, "The Coke executives did not see Mr. Cameron's shirt and were not offended by the prank ... The kid did what a kid does."

    Finally, a Pepsi spokesperson weighed in on the issue: "Without knowing all the details, it sounds like Mike's obviously a trendsetter with impeccable taste in clothes."

    5. Fredric Baur, the man who invented the Pringles chips can, asked to be buried in one.


    Baur, who was an organic chemist and food storage technician, invented the tube-shaped container back in 1970. He died at the age of 84 and was cremated after his death. His children fulfilled his wish by placing part of his remains in a Pringles can.

    6. On Oct. 30, 2009, Hjörtur Smárason bought the last cheeseburger ever sold at the last Icelandic McDonald's before it closed for good the next day. Instead of eating the burger, he chose to preserve it — and gave it to the National Museum of Iceland.

    rob_rowland / Via

    The museum kept the burger for a year. The burger now resides at the Bus Hostel Reykjavik, where there's a timer keeping track of the burger's "life." There is also a livestream where you can view the burger slowly decaying.

    7. There is a Burger King in Mattoon, Illinois, that has no relation to Burger King Corp., the fast food chain. Because of a 1968 court ruling, no Burger King Corp. restaurant is allowed to be built in a 20-mile radius of the Burger King in Mattoon.

    On the other hand, the Hoots family, owners of the Burger King in Mattoon, are not allowed to build another Burger King outside of that 20-mile radius. Burger King Corp. offered to give the Hoots $10,000 for the right to build a Burger King within the 20-mile radius. But the Hoots declined.

    8. In 2006, a secretary at the Coca-Cola headquarters was arrested after stealing a vial of a secret new product and tried selling it to Pepsi for $1.5 million.

    Kanawa_studio / Getty Images

    Pepsi hit up Coca-Cola and told them about the theft, who then got the FBI involved.

    9. In 2016, police officers in Mexico City prevented a man from jumping off a bridge by buying him tacos.

    Facebook: HechosMeridianoOficial

    According to one of the paramedics on the scene, "We tried to convince him that life is so beautiful, and he doesn't have to end it like that."

    10. In 2011, an elderly Memphis woman who had ordered a pepperoni pizza every day for years was rescued by a delivery person when she failed to place an order for three days straight.

    Joegough / Getty Images

    Delivery person Susan Guy was worried when Jean Wilson had not placed an order for three days. She went to check up on Jean, who didn't respond to knocks on the door. Susan called the police, who broke down the front door and found Jean on the floor unable to get to a telephone to call for help.

    According to investigators, "Her pizza-only diet may have saved her life."

    11. In Albuquerque, a man was arrested and sent to jail by his own mother when he broke into her house to steal an entire batch of her delicious pozole.

    Cheche22 / Getty Images

    The man had texted his mom prior to the theft, saying that he wanted some, but she was like, "nah." So he broke in through the garage and stole the whole pot.

    12. Back in 2012, in South Korea, Dunkin' Donuts sprayed a coffee scent in public buses every time its jingle played.

    dyanahra / Via

    Dunkin' had a 16% increase in visitors nears bus stops, and a 29% increase in coffee sales.

    13. MI6, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, once targeted an online English al-Qaeda magazine and replaced its bomb-making instructions with cupcake recipes.

    Ruthblack / Getty Images

    The cyberattack was codenamed "Operation Cupcake," and the recipes used were from the Ellen DeGeneres Show's "Best Cupcakes in America."

    14. Back in 2012, in eastern France bees had begun producing blue- and green-colored honey due to a nearby biogas plant that processes M&M's waste.

    Guvendemir / Getty Images

    According to a spokesperson for the British Beekeepers' Association, a harsh winter in 2011–2012 impaired bees' ability to forage sugar. Therefore, the bees found alternate sources for sugar at the biogas plant.

    15. And finally, a death-row inmate ordered a massive final meal that was supposed to include a can of SpaghettiOs...but he never got the can. His final words were, "I did not get my SpaghettiOs, I got spaghetti. I want the press to know this.”

    ses0429 / Via

    He also ordered two dozen clams, two dozen mussels, a Burger King double cheeseburger, six barbecue ribs, and two milkshakes.

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