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    6 Things We Learned About WWE Legend Ric Flair

    The 16-time world champion talked to BuzzFeed via phone about NXT, the state of women's wrestling, and Roman Reigns.

    So, this is "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair:

    On Tuesday, Flair talked to BuzzFeed over the phone and gave his thoughts on what's happening in the world of WWE.

    Here are six things we learned:

    1. He believes that Roman Reigns is "most definitely" the right guy to headline WrestleMania:

    2. Flair would like to see the Divas (WWE speak for female wrestlers) get more ring time:

    "They got some beautiful girls. They're all gifted athletes. If I had one wish for the girls who work on the main roster, is that they have more time in the ring, the matches ... It's pretty hard to go in the ring, and get everybody's stuff in, and you got five or six minutes to do it. But the girls are fabulous. They're an important asset and a big part of the show."

    3. Flair is impressed by what he's seen in NXT (WWE's "developmental" territory):

    "I mean, they're all good. In our business right now, it's about being at the right place and the right time. But I do think Sasha Banks is really good. I think Bayley is good. Adrian Neville … I think he's pretty good. They work hard to develop their skills and they've all been successful. It's just been a very competitive moment in time, because of the main roster. If they don't aspire to get to the main roster, they're never going to get there."

    4. Flair had "mixed feelings" about his daughter and current NXT superstar Charlotte pursuing a career in professional wrestling.

    "I had mixed feelings at first because I didn't even know she liked it ... I knew that if she took it seriously, which she did from day one, she'd be really good at it and, you know, everything proved to be true. She's the best girl wrestler I've ever seen in my life. But I'm not the only one who says that either. She's really good.

    "I'm not worried about her ... She's the most gifted athlete I know. And I'm really proud of her."

    5. Flair disagrees with Triple H's comment on the Stone Cold Podcast saying that "kayfabe" (the portrayal of staged wrestling events as real) is dead:

    6. However, he doesn't fault Triple H for saying what he did:

    So, yeah. Flair has spoken!