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You Will Feel Better After Looking At These 24 Photos Of Whoopie Pies

This post is about whoopie pies.

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1. Here's a whoopie pie.

capitalvegann / Via

2. Here is another whoopie pie.

linnea.d / Via

3. Here is a batch of several whoopie pies.

grazi_bolos / Via

4. And another.

jcstrutz / Via

5. What we have here is the beloved whoopie pie — a tasty dessert sandwich comprised of two chocolate cake buns...

bostoncommoncoffee / Via

6. ...filled with extra creamy...creamy...frosting.

kkentner / Via

7. As you look at these whoopie pies...

mzcakeboss / Via

8.'ll slowly start to crave a whoopie pie.

southerngal3 / Via

9. Your mind will process this image of a whoopie pie and your mouth will start to water.

bakedbytonirivard / Via

10. Is your mouth watering?

tirsadobson / Via

11. If not, just keep looking at these whoopie pies.

princegeorgeapril / Via

12. Don't they look delicious?

lesliemurley / Via

13. You can almost taste it.

szadams / Via

14. Send this post to somebody who's from New England or Maine. Or to anyone really.

corkililoki / Via

15. I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it.

washashorebakery / Via

16. A whoopie pie is a whoopie pie is a whoopie pie.

feliziarenata / Via

17. So, as you're looking at these photos of whoopie pies...

cstockwell / Via

18.'ll have the urge to go out into the real world...

roseroxy0210 / Via

19. ...and get yourself a damn whoopie pie.

hammockstocoasters / Via

20. But if you can't get a hold of a whoopie pie, these photos will hold you over...

athenarosestudiousa / Via

21. ...

dakotajunctionmound / Via

22. ...

madame_macaron_malaysia / Via

23. ...

meldoyyy / Via

24. ...I just really love whoopie pies, man.

victoriajcoe / Via

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