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    24 Perfect Bruce Lee GIFs For Absolutely Every Situation

    These just flow... like water.

    1. When your S.O. who's been away for three months, returns and tells you that they're in ~the mood~:

    2. When someone "steps up" and challenges you to a dance-off:

    3. When you and your friend arrive at a pizza party super hungry, only to realize there's one slice of pizza left:

    4. When you tell your S.O., "Hey, you have such a beautiful, fat ass":

    5. When you're eating at IHOP and you accidentally spill some strawberry syrup on yourself:

    6. When you're at a concert and there are people standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU:

    7. How you feel after you and your S.O. have been ~sleeping~ all night:

    8. The way your S.O. looks at you when they see you flirting with someone else at a party:

    9. When you see someone choking and you don't really know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver:

    10. When you're waiting in line to pee and then someone cuts right in front of you:

    11. The international sign for "Let's get a taco":

    12. When a light on the ceiling goes out and you can't find a tall-enough ladder to reach it:

    13. When your friend keeps complaining about a pain in their back and they wont shut up about it:

    14. Shrooming in a fun house:

    15. When you congratulate someone for coming up with an absolutely FANTASTIC idea:

    16. When you're swatting a fly that happens to be on someone's face:

    17. When a horrible human being tries stealing your Doritos:

    18. When you're standing up to the man:

    19. When your neighbors are causing a ruckus next door:

    20. When you're on a first date and they point out a stain on your shirt:

    21. When someone says "LOL" in real life instead of just laughing:

    22. It's a cold day and you got a runny nose but you still want to look like a badass:

    23. How you feel when you make a perfectly valid point that wins an argument:

    24. And finally, when you accidentally punch someone in the stomach while posing for an Instagram photo: