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    Jan 31, 2015

    26 Incredibly Bizarre GIFs From Japan That Will Make You Go "WTF?!"

    Weird is always better than normal.

    1. This dude who proposes to himself.

    2. This dude who throws a pizza into a microwave:

    Such an emotional moment.

    3. This reporter testing a fire extinguisher:

    4. This woman who's casually walking a polar bear through the streets of Tokyo:

    5. This elaborate wakeup call:

    6. This straight-up insane cellphone commercial with NO SENSE whatsoever:

    7. This argument turned into an ab workout machine commercial:

    8. This guy who makes his own cellphone holster a la Taxi Driver:

    9. This lighthearted prank involving cream:

    10. This dog who applies deodorant on her owner's armpits whenever she can:

    11. But also know when to stop him on his tracks:

    12. This African owl that transforms itself on Japanese television:

    13. This friendly elevator prank:

    14. This....

    15. This man who was super happy about getting a spoon:

    16. Arnold Schwarzenegger doing a drink commercial:

    17. This unbelievable super punch:

    18. This... singer:

    19. The invention of "The Liberation Wrapper":

    20. This cat that chops this watermelon in half:

    21. The "umbilical" charger:

    22. This unruly man who crushes this woman's business card in her face:

    23. This Green Ranger who help people carry heavy things up and down a subway station in western Tokyo.

    24. This ultra-polite deer who bows:

    25. These terrifying babies from a pasta commercial:

    26. And finally, this incredibly NSFW sci-fi masterpiece (WARNING: NSFW):

    H/T WTF Japan Seriously. Check them out. It's a great site!