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    19 Wikipedia Pages That'll Make You Say "This Place Is Fucking Weird"

    The world is full of curious oddities.

    1. This village called Fucking.

    Yup. It's in Austria. Residents have had issues with tourists stealing their Fucking signs.

    2. This lake that's deep pink.

    In Western Australia, Lake Hillier looks like it's filled with strawberry Nesquik. The pink color comes from the presence of the Dunaliella salina organism, a type of algae.

    3. The narrowest street in the world.

    Spreuerhofstraße in Germany is considered the narrowest street in the world. It ranges from 31 to 50 centimeters. It was built in 1727, and it's not recommended for those who feel claustrophobic.

    4. This very skinny house that was built out of spite.

    Around 1870 in Boston, two brothers inherited land from their deceased father. One of the brothers went away to fight in the Civil War. The other brother decided to be a dick and built a large house on the land, leaving only a sliver of property to his soldier bro. When the soldier bro returned from war, he was like, "WTF DUDE?!" So, he built this skinny house in that sliver of land as a big fuck-you to his brother. The skinny house successfully blocked his brother's sunlight and ruined his view.

    5. This hill with a giant stuffed rabbit at the top.

    Viennese art group Gelitin built a 200-foot-long, 20-foot-high pink stuffed rabbit that resides on a hill in the northern Piedmont region of Italy. It opened in 2005 and was expected to last until 2025, but it pretty much withered away by 2016. Hikers were encouraged to climb it and get some rest.

    6. This piece of land that's not claimed by any country.

    In 1902, the UK drew up border lines for Egypt and Sudan that were different from those previously established in 1899. Because of this, two lands were in dispute: Bir Tawil and the Hala'ib Triangle. Both Egypt and Sudan claimed the Hala'ib Triangle, because of its desirable natural resources. Bir Tawil, on the other hand, had nothing. So neither country claimed it. Bir Tawil is essentially the ugly baby that neither parent wants. :(

    7. This famous fence known for its bras.

    The Cardrona Bra Fence was a controversial New Zealand tourist attraction that consisted of bras...hanging on a fence. What started off as a few bras in the late '90s grew to hundreds. The fence was considered an eyesore and a traffic hazard by town officials and it was removed in 2006.

    8. This office building that has a highway cutting through it.

    The Gate Tower Building in Osaka has a highway running through its fifth, sixth, and seventh floors. The highway is not attached to the building, and it's surrounded by a structure to reduce noise and vibration. And it looks cool.

    9. This municipality in the Netherlands that consists of little Belgian exclaves.

    Baarle-Hertog is a municipality in the Netherlands consisting of several Belgian exclaves. Because of this, the border lines cut through restaurants, houses, and shops. They can get extremely complicated. I mean...just look at the photo above.

    10. The world's steepest residential street, located in New Zealand.

    Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand, is considered the steepest street in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. It was built in the mid-19th century when London planners built roads in a grid pattern with no consideration for the terrain. Hence, they built a steep AF street that has killed people who tried wheeling down it in trash bins and coolers.

    11. This forest in Japan that's a popular destination for suicide.

    At the base of Mount Fuji, there's a hauntingly beautiful forest that's referred to as the most popular site for suicide in Japan. In 2010, police recorded 200 people who attempted to kill themselves in the forest, with 54 people succeeding.

    12. This mining town in South Australia where people live underground.

    Coober Pedy is a mining town in South Australia that's known for its underground residences. Since the temperatures above ground can exceed 104 degrees, residents have chosen to live in underground caves. There are cave homes, cave churches, and even cave jewelers (see above).

    13. This really, really complicated roundabout in Swindon, England.

    The "Magic Roundabout" consists of five mini roundabouts circling a large sixth one that travels counterclockwise. While it's considered a very scary place to travel, it actually has a pretty solid safety record.

    14. This chapel that's decorated with the skeletons of over 40,000 people.

    That's right. In the Czech Republic, there's a chapel that's estimated to contain the skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people. Most of the skeletons were exhumed from mass graves back in 1511, and they were artistically arranged by a half-blind monk.

    15. The tomb of Jesus Christ...located in Japan.

    There's a small village in Japan that claims to be the home of Jesus Christ's final resting place. According to the legend, Jesus did not die on the cross. Instead, his brother Isukiri took his place, and Christ fled to Japan. He became a rice farmer, got married, and died at 106.

    16. These islands that are separated by the international date line.

    These are the Diomede Islands. Little Diomede, the small island, belongs to the United States, while the large one, Big Diomede, belongs to Russia. They are divided by the international date line, which separates them by 21 hours. So, depending on which island you're standing on, you're either looking into tomorrow or yesterday.

    17. This piece of US land that requires you to cross Canada to get to it.,

    The Northwest Angle is part of Minnesota, but because of minor surveying errors, it's disconnected from the state, and shares its only land border with Canada. So, if you wanted to access the Angle by land, you'd have to cross Canada first. The border checkpoint between Canada and the Angle is unmanned, so you have to use a video phone at Jim's Corner to declare yourself to an immigration officer.

    18. Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch, Wales

    The name of this town in Wales is the longest single-word place name in Europe, and the second-longest in the world. The name was created in the 1860s in what's considered an early example of a publicity stunt.

    19. This island with a population of zero and a single solitary hunting lodge.

    Elliðaey is an island located south of Iceland. It's known for the small hunting lodge that's perfect for anyone who hates people. The only wildlife on the island are puffins. The internet believed the house belonged to Björk, but this turned out to be false (unfortunately).