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32 Things That Will Take You Right Back To Your Mexican Childhood

Selena and telenovelas are just a few.

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3. Big Brother + American Idol + Mexico =

TV Azteca

The show would eventually lose steam in later years, but La Primera Generacion de La Academia will always and forever be in our hearts.


5. This song by Cri Cri:

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Also, the first time you heard English and Spanish being used in the same song.


9. This simple dish that your mom cooked when she was in a hurry:

Tortilla + Queso Panela = The taste of childhood.

12. The glory that is the inside of a Gamesa Surtido box:

Your favorite ones always seem to disappear 10 seconds after opening the box.

13. Piñata shops on the day of your birthday:



17. The joy of seeing these on your kitchen table:

Creative Commons/ wendolyne78 /Flickr: 66947169@N04

As a kid, conchitas were great, but it was that bread with the multicolored sprinkles that caught your attention.



Sweet, salty, and spicy, all in one refreshing popsicle.


25. The heartbreaking scene where Pedrito Fernandez sings "Amigo" for the Pope in this 1980 movie.

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The song was so memorable, it would be used as the anthem for all of the Pope's future visits to Mexico.

32. And finally, this intro to the most iconic children's show in Mexican history:

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"SUPER" comedian Roberto Gomez Bolaños managed to capture all the innocence of our childhoods, no matter what era we grew up in.

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